Who Is Shiloh Dynasty? The Mysterious Lo-fi Icon


Who Is Shiloh Dynasty? The Mysterious Lo-fi Icon

How an anonymous Instagram account unknowingly became a lo-fi legend—only to disappear.




February 11, 2022

People have gone mad over Shiloh’s music since she first stealthily stepped into the digital realm in 2014, with two songs on SoundCloud: “DownTown” and “Nicole’s Garden.” No persona—just music. “There should honestly be its own branch of lofi called ‘Shilofi’ since there are so many mixes with Shiloh,” someone wittily commented on one of the countless Shiloh videos on YouTube.

When artists like TimbalandTSUKI, and XXXTentacion took notice of her music, things really took off for Shiloh. Producer Potsu sampled her clips for three songs on 17 by the late XXXTENTACION's "Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares," “Carry On” and “Jocelyn Flores.” Other big names soon followed, including Shiloh-sampling songs by Young ThugJuiceWRLDRuss, and lo-fi beatmaker Swell.

The Person Behind Shiloh Dynasty’s Music

People have been digging deep to unearth any information on the mysterious icon-in-the-making. The more Shiloh Dynasty tried to stay shrouded in anonymity, the more people turned borderline-obsessive with finding out more about the identity of this enigmatic singer.

That went as far as organizing in fan forums like a Shiloh Dynasty Discord Server. An address was shared to look up a house on Google Street View to which the business Shiloh Dynasty LLC was registered. Such Shiloh Dynasty fan forums tracked down an old high-school friend, reached out to an alleged manager of Shiloh, and uploaded old videos of her and friends as soon as people found her “real” name. The cherry on top: widely shared rumors that Shiloh passed away, for the sole reason that the mysterious singer suddenly wasn’t active on social media anymore…

"I'm not a look, I'm a feeling."

- Shiloh Dynasty

Isn’t it ironic that the identity of an artist who deliberately chooses to remain anonymous, gets entirely stripped down? The answers can be easily found online. But why not cherish her music through samples, to make up for the fact Shiloh Dynasty never released a studio debut album? Dig deep through this collection of songs that celebrate Shiloh Dynasty’s music. After all, that’s the way Shiloh Dynasty intended her work to be. From the engaging voice on the mellow, dream-like “I’m Sorry” to early Vines, to “I'll Keep You Safe” by Shiloh Dynasty ft XXXTentacion. There is a very profound legacy of music to keep alive through sampling.

Spotify Playlist: Songs with Shiloh Dynasty Samples


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