Don Tiki


Don Tiki

DON TIKI, the leaders of exotica's turn-of-the-21st-century revival, offer their soundtrack for a Technicolor Polynesian pop paradise. DON TIKI debuted in 1997 from Honolulu with their first album, The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki, featuring the legendary Martin Denny in what would become one of his final recordings before his passing. The group, led by Perry Coma (Kit Ebersbach) and Fluid Floyd (Lloyd Kandell), draws inspiration from the original masters of the exotica sound, Denny, Arthur Lyman and Les Baxter, to bring this evocative music into the 21st century. Following The Forbidden Sounds, Don Tiki's recordings further deepened the group's reverence for and exploration of the poly-rhythmic, mid-century sounds pioneered by Denny, Baxter, and Lyman. Those albums include Skinny Dip with Don Tiki (2001), Don Tiki Adulterated–The Remix Project (2004), South of the Boudoir (2009), and Don Tiki's Hot Lava Holiday Songs (2012),
Dig through their catalog and go deep in the jungle for an exhilarating, paradisiacal ride through the world of tiki subculture.

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