Freddy Gumbs


Freddy Gumbs

Freddy Gumbs was gifted at birth with a blessed voice, at the age of six he had his 1st television debut on a childrens program in Curecro playing a guitar that he made. When he was 17 he wrote his first hit song Minerva, backed with a cover of the Bill Withers classic Lean On Me, with which he earned his first of three gold records. Over the years Freddy has thrilled people with his stunning live singing and energetic performances! In 1982 he composed and produced the album Sweet Sugar Candy released in 1984 and also released several more singles Bouncing Calypso and Freddy Forever during the mid 80’s.

In 1993 he attracted the attention of the Walt Disney Company in the Netherlands and has recorded many songs and character voices for the Dutch versions of classics such as The Little Mermaid playing “Sebastian the Crab” and singing the song's “Deep In The Sea” and “Kiss Her Then”, Freddy has also performed as “Rafiki the monkey” in the film The Lion King.

He is currently writing and working with GVO Sounds based in Amsterdam NL on his new project Freddy Astaire & The Return, which is currently in production and is schedule to release a summer ep on Vinyl and digital.

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