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max & kyle

max & kyle are an LA-based, Billboard-charting producer duo best known for their exceptional sound design, ear-catching melodies, and original samples. Having landed cuts with Travis Scott, Tinashe, KYLE, Kota the Friend, Josh Levi & more, they create custom ideas for notable producers including Illmind, Supah Mario, Tone Jones, Charlie Heat, Tee-WaTT, The Futuristics, and Some Randoms. Max Levin (keyboards, synth programming) and Kyle "DryKyle" Scherrer (guitar, bass) apply their touring background and extensive knowledge of jazz theory to produce across various genres: from hip-hop to pop, R&B, and world styles. The duo recently produced 88rising and BIBI’s song “The Weekend”, which charted on US Top 40 radio.

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