Rory Mohon


Rory Mohon

Los Angeles based electronic music composer Rory Khan Mohon creates music that is at the intersection of where John Carpenter and Brian Eno meet. He began writing synth-heavy songs after a background of playing in bands ranging from metal to dream-pop. His sound which once favored reverb-soaked guitars moved towards that of arpeggiated synth lines and electronic drums. His debut album Man on Mars showcases his more ethereal and atmospheric side while his follow up album released on Burning Witches Records, Darkly Dreaming, has more of the 80's retrowave sound that would fit in well with horror movies of previous decades. J Hubner writes of his sound, "Yes, his songs are cinematic and feel like the score to some lost 80s gem, but there’s so much more here. Mohon builds glacial and spatial worlds while paying homage to past greats." When not making albums Rory Khan Mohon can be found composing instrumental music for film and video games. His plans for future albums include a techno album featuring singers he has met along his path as a musician. "I'm hoping this next album will give people a little more of something they can relate to and feel good about with upbeat tunes and catchy vocals."

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