The Pro-Teens


The Pro-Teens

The Pro-Teens are a collection of highly professional teenagers based in Naarm/
Melbourne, Australia. In between getting A’s at school and getting wasted at parties,
they’re in the studio recording cinematic funk and soul inspired by their heroes
Placebo, Dorothy Ashby, Les Baxter, MF DOOM and El Michel’s Affair. With 4
albums under their short shorts, they feel as though they’ve barely scratched the
surface in exploring genres, production, arrangement and song writing generally.
Their go to sound pallet includes their trusty Yamaha organ, cowbells, drum set, an
Ibanez Bass Guitar, Zyn Cymbals, Harmony branded electric guitars, any drums
available and at times calling upon horns and flutes when the arrangements call for
them. Recorded to tape and with all the sounds captured in one take, The Teens like
to keep things simple and quick when making decisions and capturing the songs.

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