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The Alchemist

by Omar

Whether it’s drumless loops or production in the style of classic hip-hop records, The Alchemist is one of the best to do it. Together with Boldy James, Freddie Gibbs, Earl Sweatshirt, and others, he creates hip-hop history in the modern age. Find samples for The Alchemist Type Beats to create hip-hop excellence like Uncle Al.<br>

Hip-hop history

Ever since DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill mentored a young, dedicated Daniel Alan Maman, it was clear that he was set on a mission to become an iconic hip-hop producer. He first started out as part of the hip-hop duo The Whooliganz, under the moniker of Mudfoot. Check out the music video for “Put Your Handz Up” to see a seventeen-year-old The Alchemist rapping. The hip-hop duo caught the attention of Cypress Hill’s B-Real, and the rest is hip-hop history. What also helped, is that The Alchemist was part of a vibrant Los Angeles scene, going to the same school as the likes of Evidence (later of Dilated Peoples) and <u>[Quincy Jones](</u>' son, Quincy Jones III. Through passion and hard work, he made it into the studio with <u>[J Dilla](</u>, <u>[DJ Premier](</u>, and D'Angelo at the age of twenty-one.<br>

Collaboration with artists

Since then, The Alchemist has been responsible for a wide range of classic hip-hop beats for hip-hop artists/groups like <u>[Mobb Deep](</u>’s Prodigy and Havoc, Ghostface Killah, Dilated Peoples, Big Pun, <u>[Nas](</u>, <u>[Royce da 5’9”](</u>, and backpackers’ favorite Swollen Members. To this day, his beatmaking and sampling for hip-hop are still embraced by the hip-hop community, which is a testament to his longevity and original production work. His private imprint ALC Records is a huge source of inspiration for many independent artists, even leading to an official masterclass video series by Aulart on beatmaking, sampling, MPC techniques, hip-hop production, and how to run an independent record label. The latter was also featured by IDEA Generation with a video titled ‘Alchemist On Turning Beats Into A Business, Cutting Out The Music Industry.’<br>

Sampling Techniques

The Alchemist's sampling techniques are as varied as they are complex. He employs a range of methods, from traditional chopping and looping to more intricate manipulations that alter pitch, tempo, and texture to fit his artistic vision. This creative process, highlighted in collaborations with artists such as <u>[Kendrick Lamar](</u>, Boldy James, Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, Freddie Gibbs, and most recently Schoolboy Q, showcases his ability to breathe new life into original songs. Think of iconic sampling of Dexter Wansel, William Bell, <u>[Florence & the Machine](</u>, Wee, and James Blake.<br>

Iconic hip-hop producer

There’s no discussion that The Alchemist is an iconic hip-hop producer. Last year, he was even praised with the ‘Best Sampling Producer of 2023’ award in <u>[Tracklib’s Sampling Awards](</u>. The collection below serves as a sample pack for The Alchemist Type Beats, so you can dig for samples to create your own classic hip-hop beats. From Italian library music to soul records, and from psychedelic rock to compositions by hip-hop-based musicians: this The Alchemist hip hop samples collection has it all.