Brunswick Records


Brunswick Records

Brunswick is an active American record label founded in 1916.The company first began producing phonographs, then began marketing their own line of records as an after-thought.

Between the mid 60s and the mid 70s, Brunswick Records was one of America’s leading R&B record companies. From its studio office on Michigan Avenue, Brunswick employed some of Chicago’s best writers, producers and musicians to create a large portion of what was being played on R&B radio during that period.

By the time Brunswick stopped producing new product in 1982, the company had racked up more than 150 Billboard charted singles. In 1995 the Brunswick label was revived by Paul and Mara Tarnopol, the children of Nat Tarnopol.

The music has been reincarnated through sampling by artists such as Jay-Z, Joss Stone, Fantasia and Jaheim. The 2003 smash “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé was created by sampling the hook of the recording “Are You My Woman” by the Chi-Lites.