Eraserhood Sound


Eraserhood Sound

Eraserhood Sound is Philly’s only Synth & Soul record label and production company.

EHS was founded by longtime collaborators Maxwell Perla and Vincent John. After working for years in both New York City and Philadelphia as writers and performers with acts like Lee Fields & the Expressions, Lady, El Michels Affair, Aaradhna, and more, the two shared an interest in cultivating a unique style of music which they dubbed “Synth & Soul”. The sound is a blend of soulful rhythms, featuring Perla on drums & John rounding out the rhythm section, with layers of silky synthesizers setting the mood, all captured on vintage analog recording equipment. The label is named after the 1977 David Lynch classic Eraserhead, and borrows many of the eerie textures featured in this iconic Philly film.

The label launched in the fall of 2019, producing and releasing 7” singles from a wide range of artists who each inhabit the spirit of Synth & Soul in their own unique way. Whether it be the intergalactic synth funk of house band Fantasy 15, the dusky desert soul of La Dante, the electro-infused R&B of Vincent John, or any other number of standalone releases, everything that comes out of Eraserhood Sound is imbued with a unique cosmic aura.

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