All Samples on Brockhampton’s 'The Family'All Samples on Brockhampton’s 'The Family'


All Samples on Brockhampton’s 'The Family'

The end of an era: ‘The Family’ marks Brockhampton’s last album (together with the surprising release of 'TM') before their “indefinite hiatus” they announced earlier this year. The last hurrah to go out with a bang. These are all the samples on ‘The Family’—featuring five Tracklib samples!




November 17, 2022

The Tracklib samples on The Family follow the sampling of Swedish psychedelic music on the open-hearted "Dearly Departed," and Romil Hemnani's use of a deep cut by Isaac Hayes on the JPEGMAFIA-assisted "CHAIN ON."

This time, Kevin Abstract and Romil Hemnani brought producer Nick Velez on board to produce "Take It Back" and the touching title track "The Family." Both songs feature Tracklib samples as featured below, and so do "Big Pussy" and "Southside" produced by Bearface and Boylife, respectively.

Listen to all samples on Brockhampton's The Family below. Followed by the full tracklist and production credits.

"We all grew up on sampling. [Tracklib] just helps maintain the art form and prominence of sampling in music in a more inclusive way."

—Romil Hemnani


Samples: The Four Preps

Good Time

Sample: Pastor T. L. Barrett


Sample: James Carr


Sample: James Cleveland

The Family

Tracklib Sample: Band Of Thieves

(+ The Duprees)

The Ending

Sample: Willie Hutch


Sample: Ruby Winters

Tracklist & Production Credits

1. Take It Back
Produced by Nick Velez
Additional production by Bearface & Boylife

2. RZA
Produced by Bearface
Additional production by Nick Velez

3. Gold Teeth
Produced by Bearface
Additional production by Nick Velez

4. Big Pussy
Produced by Bearface & Nick Velez

5. All That
Produced by Bearface

6. (Back From The) Road
Produced by Boylife

7. Basement
Produced by Boylife

8. Southside
Produced by Boylife

9. Good Time
Produced by Boylife

10. 37th
Produced by Bearface

11. Boyband
Produced by Boylife

12. Any Way You Want Me
Produced by Boylife

13. The Family
Produced by Nick Velez

14. Prayer
Produced by Boylife
Additional production by Nick Velez

15. My American Life
Produced by Boylife & Bearface

16. The Ending
Produced by Boylife

17. Brockhampton
Produced by Bearface

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