Breakdowns of Daft Punk's Samples on "One More Time" & 'Discovery'Breakdowns of Daft Punk's Samples on "One More Time" & 'Discovery'


Breakdowns of Daft Punk's Samples on "One More Time" & 'Discovery'

The legacy of Daft Punk lives on since their break-up in 2021. The albums of the French electronic music duo including 'Homework,' 'Discovery,' and 'Random Access Memories' reached a legendary status, also through their intricate use of samples. These videos show their sampling techniques with music by Eddie Johns, The Alan Parsons Project, Sister Sledge, Electric Light Orchestra, and more.




March 2, 2023

The (Uncleared?) Sample on "One More Time"

For years, there were rumors that French production duo Daft Punk sampled music from disco artist Eddie Johns without approval. There wasn't a mention of 1979’s "More Spell On You" in the liner notes of Daft Punk’s Discovery album, while other original samples were in fact mentioned. It took seven years after the release before VIBE Magazine revealed the fact the sample of "More Spell On You" was actually all cleared and legal.

All Samples on Daft Punk's Discovery—Well, Kind Of…

Tracklib's Sample Breakdown on Daft Punk’s iconic 2001 album Discovery intended to dissect all the main important samples on the album. But as highlighted in our feature on Artificial Digging, we have to admit we didn't succeed completely… Sample-dense songs like "Face To Face" and "Too Long" contain numerous—still undiscovered!—samples by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo together with producer Todd Edwards. So even barely a year after our Sample Breakdown, the video is already in need of an updated version…

New discoveries of Daft Punk samples

Recent discoveries include a micro-chop from Carrie Lucas' "Sometimes a Love Goes Wrong" on Daft Punk's "Face To Face." And the long-mysterious "chase" sample in the same song was taken from "Old and Wise" by The Alan Parsons Project. Another more recent discovery was Third World's "One Cold Vibe (Couldn't Stop Dis Ya Boogie)" on "Too Long." All of these were discovered by a Discord community by the name of Sample Hunting.

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