808s, Bass & Booty: Sample Miami Bass Originals808s, Bass & Booty: Sample Miami Bass Originals


808s, Bass & Booty: Sample Miami Bass Originals

From Travis Scott to DJ Khaled to Timbaland’s Tracklib flip: all sampled high-energy, 808-heavy Miami Bass. Enter prolific Miami label Pandisc: forty-plus years' worth of bass, dance, booty, and freestyle originals to make your speakers pop.




June 30, 2022

To you, what is it about the sound of Miami Bass that can bring something to today’s sound in hip-hop?

Bo Crane (founder of Pandisc): For older fans, classic Miami Bass samples can bring back memories but still sound totally fresh to younger ears. Miami Bass samples are raw and authentic.

Why have you decided to add Pandisc’s catalog to Tracklib?

Tracklib is a central clearing house that takes the mystery out of sampling. It’s a perfectly logical way for Pandisc to spread our music to new DJsartists, and producers alike. By making sampling more accessible, everyone benefits.

The work of Blowfly is really fascinating, as we’ve featured before. What do you love most about his music?

Blowfly was an iconoclast with a wicked sense of humor that is totally out of step with today’s woke culture. However, he’s mostly sampled for his funky grooves. His techno tracks are also terrific. Some producer should just sample his maniacal laugh for a track, as heard in songs like “Pussy Whipped.”

Lastly, any more recommendations for Tracklib users to start digging for Miami Bass gems?

Here’s a great slow funk track with a clean drum beat by DJ Madness & Dr. Boom, and an uptempo bass banger by the same duo.

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