Sample 70s Soul by the Man behind 'Soul Dog'Sample 70s Soul by the Man behind 'Soul Dog'

Sample 70s Soul by the Man behind 'Soul Dog'

Soul Dog's "Can’t Stop Loving You" was famously sampled by Kanye West, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, No I.D., Madlib, Bella Boo, and many others. The Funkadelic-esque gem is Soul Dog's only song on Tracklib. But worry not, sample fiends. Here, we unearth a few more songs to sample from the man behind the Soul Dog moniker.




May 31, 2024

First, get inspired by Soul Dog:

The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends (Prod. by Kanye West) | 2015

"Kanye West plunged into his back catalog, and re-flipped one of the first sample sources he ever blessed with the Midas touch. So, when 'Tell Your Friends' comes on at the club, and that feeling of musical déjà vu starts to creep in, you'll know that it's because years ago, Soul Dog caught the ears of hip-hop producers."

—Complex Magazine

Bella Boo - Can't Stop | 2023

"Not too much manipulation was done—the Soul Dog sample was too perfect!"

—Bella Boo

Common - Hungry (Prod. by No I.D.) | 1997

Now, discover more songs to sample by Carl Marshall (a.k.a. Soul Dog):

soul dog carl marshall

"I never leave the funk, I never leave the soul. The soul is in it, it can't go anywhere, and I can't go nowhere."

—Carl Marshall a.k.a. Soul Dog (interview with Jefferson Blues Magazine)

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