Sample the Godfather of AfrobeatSample the Godfather of Afrobeat


Sample the Godfather of Afrobeat

The legendary Fela Kuti himself said about his right-hand man Tony Allen that "there would have been no Afrobeat without him." Other pioneers like Brian Eno stated he's "probably the greatest drummer who has ever lived." After the passing of the Nigerian-French drummer in 2020, there is no end to his legacy in Afrobeat and funk-infused drum patterns.




June 26, 2024

"Tony Allen completely rewrote the books on what was possible within the Afrobeat genre with his stunning 1999 album, 'Black Voices.' It is almost impossible to associate a minimalist, electronic feel with the massive walls of sound which Allen was known to create."

—Comet Records

Sampled by J Dilla for 'Heat':

Afrobeat Makers

"Afrobeat and hip-hop share a common ground and Hip Hop will always be influenced by the endless grooves of African music, as should all musical forms that are intended to move your soul and feet."

—Comet Records

Nu Guinea - The Tony Allen Experiments

"By re-working the original magic drum patterns from the Afrobeat master Tony Allen, Nu Guinea created a compilation of tracks which is charged by a voluminous electronic jazz-Psyche funk imprint."

—Comet Records

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