Introducing: Beats


Introducing: Beats

Sampling doesn’t start in your DAW. Digging is as important as any loop or chop. Some have the perfect ear for that and hear something new just as the needle drops onto the record. For most of us, the magic isn’t there until we hear the original in the context of a beat—and now you can on Tracklib!




March 1, 2022

loop samples tracklib

Start with that loop

Have you discovered our Loops function? With a single button, you can loop any part of any song; old or new. This unique feature uses machine learning to find perfect loops in a song. Give Loops a try by playing the song below and pressing the LOOP button. Then change the length to between one and eight bars.

Now add a beat

Get ready for some magic: we built a real drum machine into our music player that can play beats with any loop! Try it by playing the song below and pressing the BEAT button in the music player. If you’re not looping the track already, that will also enter LOOP mode.

"Sampling done right is like magic in your DAW. Now we’re taking that magic to your web browser."

— Oskar Sundberg, Chief Product Officer @ Tracklib

beat player tracklib

The beat kits

To kick things off, we introduce four beats each based on a popular genre: Classic BapTrap EssentialsEarly House, and Simple Kick. More beats will be added continuously.

Change tempo

Looping tracks never change the original song's tempo, and our beats play in time with the loop. However, sometimes that just doesn’t work with your selected beat. We’ve added an adjustment button to go from half(½x) to the original(1x) to double(2x) beat tempo.

Add ducking

A simple sidechaining feature lowers the sample volume when the kick drum hits. Turn this on, or change its intensity by pressing the ducking button. The song below has heavy ducking turned on. Press play to hear it, then adjust the intensity.

ducking sampling production technique

Save loops with beats to Favorites or Collections

Just like songs or loops, you can add the beats to your Favorites or any of your Collections. Whatever you’re hearing—song, loop, or beat—will be added.

Download loops—not beats

Our beats are a digging tool to help you recontextualize what you're hearing. Pressing the download button gives you a perfect loop—making the actual beat is all up to you!

Give the Beat Player a try


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