Artists & Producers Who Used Tracklib to Find & Clear SamplesArtists & Producers Who Used Tracklib to Find & Clear Samples


Artists & Producers Who Used Tracklib to Find & Clear Samples

As the music industry evolves, we see many of the world's biggest artists and producers turning to Tracklib for records to sample, and worry-free affordable clearance of those samples. So choosing Tracklib doesn't only mean you'll be using a groundbreaking platform, but also following in the footsteps of legends and stars.




February 26, 2024

Drake - Stories About My Brother (prod. by Conductor Williams)

"This (sampling) is how I express myself, whether it's a ready-made piece, or a thousand piece puzzle."

—Conductor Williams

Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign - BURN (prod. by Ye, Ty Dolla $ign, The Legendary Traxster, Leon Thomas)


"If there were any doubts that the old Kanye is forever lost, then the soulful 'BURN' is a reminder of what made him such a creative wrecking ball in the first place."

—Variety (Album Review)

J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD (prod. by T-Minus)

"J. Cole and I found a loop on Tracklib. It was the initial inspiration for the record."’


"Tracklib will let you listen to the stems, so if you listen to the song you won't actually hear that sample (the master recording)."

—J. Cole

Kendrick Lamar - Father Time ft. Sampha (prod. by DJ Dahi)


“When I did “Money Trees,” I realized that you don’t make a lot of money sampling because they’ll take a big part of your publishing and you’re like, ‘Oh shit, I ain’t making no money,’ so I had to find new ways of sampling.”

—DJ Dahi

Nas - WTF SMH (prod. by Hit-Boy & Jansport J)

"Tracklib is doing amazing things. Allowing us to sample and put our music out the right way."

—Jansport J

2 Chainz, Lil Wayne ft. Fabolous - P.P.A. (prod. by Mark Byrd)

“The best way to maintain that nostalgia of sampling but without the sample clearing headache. Tracklib pushes the culture forward and empowers producers to take the business into their own hands.“

—Streetrunner (Produced for Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Fabolous)

DJ Khaled - Holy Mountain ft. 070 Shake, Buju Banton, Sizzla & Mavado (prod. by Major Seven)

"With Tracklib, all of the clearances are already negotiated so you can focus your energy on just creating something amazing."

—Major Seven

IDK - Drugstore (Prod. by KAYTRANADA)

"I’m still trying to keep sampling alive in a way, especially in electronic music, because I really miss samples."


redveil ft. Denzel Curry - pg baby (prod. by redveil)


"I feel like people that came before us in the previous generation of underground hip-hop, they’ve already established these styles. They’ve already done it and they’ve done it well. That’s not my job to do that; it’s my job to do whatever the next thing is, to evolve."


Yeat - Now ft. Luh geeky (prod. by BNYX & beautifulmvn)

"My goal with the sample was to create a chord progression and establish a tempo. So I found three very small sections I then stretched, reversed, and blended together."


Russ - Empty (prod. by Aaron Paris)

"I was on Tracklib looking for a sample with a gritty 90s feel with rhythmic rapping on it. When I heard 'I Know Where You Sleep' I thought it fit perfectly."

—Aaron Paris

A-Trak & Ferreck Dawn - My Own Way


"Finding a gem like 'Love Me Or Leave Me' by Band of Thieves immediately lit up the inspiration."

—Ferreck Dawn

Kevin Gates ft. Sexyy Red & BG - Yonce Freestyle (prod. by EJ Grimes, Juko, prodbyjm)

BROCKHAMPTON ft. JPEGMAFIA - CHAIN ON (prod. by Video Store)

"We all grew up on sampling. Tracklib just helps maintain the art form and prominence of sampling in music in a more inclusive way."

—Romil Hemnani, BROCKHAMPTON Member & Producer

Jasiah - Break Shit (prod. by Jasiah, Toby Wincorn)

“I love sampling on a creative level, but everyone hates the hostage negotiation when you have to clear samples of unknown origin. Tracklib is now the first place I go when crate-digging for any project. Major love—Tracklib is doing the lord's work.”

—Toby Wincorn

Mount Kimbie ft. KeiyaA - tender hearts meet the sky


"I like randomizing the songs on Tracklib so that I find the stuff that has yet to be mined—the least popular ones."

—Dom Maker (one-half of Mount Kimbie)

Vince Staples - Lil Fade (prod. by Kenny Beats)

"The stripped-back production on these songs helps new revelations sting and tickle a bit more than usual."


Phantogram - Ceremony

"I knew I had to do something with ‘Syrenhortensia’ as soon as possible, so I started right away just going through it and chopping it up, adding some dirty drums, and recorded a super rough demo of me singing the melody on top. 'Ceremony’ is one of my favorite Phantogram songs I've written."

—Josh Carter (one-half of Phantogram)

Young M.A. - Off The Yak (prod. by U-Dub)

“A big thank you to Tracklib for empowering us producers with real music to sample in a legal and affordable way. Couldn't have done it without you."


TSHA - Power

“I couldn’t believe my luck to find Britfunk song ‘I’m The One’! I looped a part of the sample and started to build the drums around it, and worked from there. I really like when the loops aren’t perfect because you often get really cool bits of the audio popping out.”


$NOT - Can You Help Me (prod. by Marvy Ayy)

“Tracklib took my sampling virginity. The fact that this was my first time and it worked so smoothly speaks volumes! I think [Tracklib] will simplify and streamline the clearance process which nowadays is the main deterrent against sampling, from a producer's point of view.”

—Marvy Ayy

Yung Gravy - where they at! (prod. by Michael Scatamacchia & Diamond Postols)

"A happy sample with a banging beat is what the people need to hear."

—Yung Gravy

High Contrast - A Mind Forever Voyaging

"t was very useful to find all of these a cappellas on Tracklib. Especially with not being able to travel (during COVID) around lately, and do crate-digging in record stores around the world. Tracklib really kind of saved me there.

—High Contrast

Vic Mensa ft. Ty Dolla $ign - Eastside Girl (prod. by Vic Mensa)

"When I first heard the sample on Tracklib I was amazed by how perfect it was for the song. It was actually the second or third time I had tried a house sample at the beginning of the record and it perfectly fit my concept for the video." "Tracklib is so ill because it’s like digging for dusty records, 45s & deep cuts."

—Vic Mensa

Pouya - I'll Always Be Around (prod. by Mikey The Magician)

"We just kept building until we feel we did enough to give The Republic sample justice.”

—Mikey The Magician

A-Reece ft. Stogie T, BeloSalo - BRAVO (prod. by MashBeatz)

"As a producer you want to focus on making the beat, making it a classic, not going to court clammed and stuff. So Tracklib comes in as the middleman to that, and they do it all for you. And I feel like that service is good for producers who are sample-driven because you don't want that type of smoke, especially if you're an up-and-coming artist, and you don't have that type of budget anyway. Or if you're an independent artist like me and there's no label to go out and pay for all this stuff."


Purple Disco Machine - Playbox

"Sampling is a great tool for all electronic music producers. So the fact that such a great resource for legal sampling (as Tracklib) now exists will only increase the use of sampling in electronic music."

—Purple Disco Machine

Joyce Wrice - Westside Gunn’s Interlude (prod. by ESTA.)

“I don’t like chopping the sample too much if the loop bangs already, so I let the loop shine. I’m very big on respecting and appreciating samples." "Tracklib relieves the stress of sampling. The service makes music fun again.”



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